W. Loring Woods III (president and owner) of Log Home Restoration Worldwide LLC has been traveling around the country from Kodiak, Alaska to St. Cloud, Florida. During some of the log home estimates he has found log homes that the owner has had serviced within the last year and a half. At first sight the home looks black, then closer up at the touch it feels rough like sand paper. Apparently there are companies that are sending work crews around that corncob blast log homes. My company has a corncob blaster that we only used four times some years ago. More than the customer, I was not happy with the results.

#1 - Corncob blasting leaves the log surface rough and you cannot get a nice looking finish.

#2 - Do you like DUST??? Corncob blasting fills the log home with dust and it will continue to sift out from between the logs and ceilings for years.

#3 - After the corncob crew leaves there is a time lapse where mildew spores get carried by the wind from trees to the unprotected wood (logs).

#4 - The next crew that arrived at the job site sealed with an oil-based sealer. Oil feeds mildew. We also found that the sun pulls out the oil and the rain washes it off. You can't beat a high quality sealer from a log home supply company.

#5 - An insecticide and mildewcide solution should be applied before sealing. Apparently this was never done.

#6 - I believe all the older log homes should be chinked. Chinking is designed to stick to the sealer (water base), not wood.

#7 - Cleaning - you cannot seal a log home without cleaning. Every log home new or 100 years old has to be cleaned. There are safe strippers to remove almost any old sealers and paint. Then you have to neutralize the logs to put the pH level back into the wood. This insures that the wood will not reject the new sealer in a year's time.

#8 - Power washing with the right nozzle will not harm the logs. What water goes between the logs will dry. Some log homes leak real bad, others do not. Remember if you seal and chink, this will be the last time your log home gets wet. Now you know the answers to the questions you should ask when you have a log home estimate.

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