We primarily clean a log home of UV damage, mold & mildew, dirt, weather stains and old sealers, using a pressure washer. Solid paints and some stains may require a form of stripper to clean off. We also apply a wood brightener to the home, which neutralizes the wood, and returns it to the original color.

Some paints or stains may not strip off well, in that case, we use a hand grinder on the logs. Both processes are followed by using an orbital sander which smooths out any rough patches.

log home cleaning


We use a semi – transparent stain that was developed exclusively for log homes. It is a 3 coat system, starting with 2 coats of UV guard color, then a coat of UV guard advance clear.

This product can be used on both exterior and interior walls, and has a beautiful finish. You can easily keep your beautiful log walls clean by rinsing with a garden hose, and dusting interior walls is a snap once they’re stained, (chinked) and finished with a coat of polyurethane.

log stain


To chink or not to chink….. that IS the question! Of course the answer is always, yes! Chink it! But, we understand that not everyone wants or needs chinking. There are some log homes that are still very tight, with no drafts, water or bugs getting in….. yet! We love to chink the log home that is drafty, (do you feel a breeze while sitting in your living room? ), has water stains, (Yes, those ugly brown squiggly marks on your walls are water stains! ), or has an abundance of flies sneaking in.

We chink between each log and around doors and windows. The chinking acts as a barrier, keeping out wind, rain water and insects. It also expands and contracts to allow for shrinkage and movement. The chinking is designed to have a historical appearance, and looks amazing!

log home chinking


Trim work is included in our restoration process. We will strip or sand existing trim from windows and the rake board. We apply either a solid paint, or the same stain that is used on the home. (Customer’s choice)

We’ve also been known to paint those ugly white or grey pipes/cables that run along the log walls.

log home trim
log home trim

Window Cleaning

Yes! We clean windows! Whether we cover windows or not during the cleaning/staining process, we will clean them, inside and out, and we promise, no streaks!

log home restoration


We are very happy to clean and paint your decks when we are through restoring your log home. We want the beauty of the finished work on your home to be enhanced by a freshly painted deck and rails. We always recommend a solid deck stain for this as it holds up best in all weather conditions.

log home decking

Log Replacement

Log replacement can mean life or death for your home. Any rot in a log will spread further and further the longer it’s left in place. Sometimes the whole log needs to be replaced, and sometimes it’s just a piece that needs to come out. Either way, once all the rot is removed, that area is saved, extending the life of your home.

It’s also important to look at why there was rot, was there a faulty gutter? No gutter? Splash back from a deck, or maybe the foundation wasn’t high enough, and your bottom logs are always wet and dirty. Working with customers on identifying problem areas is part of what we do!

log home replacement
log home replacement

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    Meticulous Workers

    “We’re very pleased with this company. Our Log Home is so beautiful since Tara, Becky & Walter stained and chinked it. People we have never met, have stopped to comment. Very hard and meticulous workers! It was a pleasure to get to know this family.

    -Amy and Pete Harrington, Wakefield, NH