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Chinked Logs - Interior
Chinked Logs - Exterior

Chinking - Chinking decreases your home's vulnerability to insects, decay, water, mold, mildew and drafts. Chinking a log home or log structure is an art. Along with the correct tools you need the skill, experience, and patience to ensure a long lasting and attractive application. Additionally, there are procedures that ensure correct adhesion for years to come. There is more than one chinking manufacturer to choose from. We have time tested all the products we use and continue to research new products. There are a variety of log caulks available for specific log structure applications. We are currently evaluating these log caulk products to further determine their feasibility.

(An excerpt from the American Dream)

Chinking is a love-hate situation and generates a lot of controversy with log home builders. Ask any salesperson at a log home trade show in the East if their log home has to be chinked. "Of course not!" The typical excuse and reason why come out, "We have a gasket system…"

In log home magazines you will see that most Western log homes are the larger style logs and are chinked. I believe large logs look great chinked. On the other hand, small logs at a distance begin to look too busy with chinking that is a contrasting color. To offset this visual problem with smaller logs, we use a color match chinking that blends in with the logs. It matches so well, you can’t see it from the road and in fact have to walk up very close to see it. If you were to see a log home that was half chinked, you would agree that the log home didn’t look finished.

Log home kit salespeople in the East do not want to lose a sale by agreeing on chinking. To them it is an added expense not worth mentioning. Remember, these are the same people who assert that log homes are maintenance free. In reality, every log home after three years when the logs have been seasoned, should be chinked. Wind blows rain into the center where the spikes and gaskets are and rots the logs from the center down. This is not visible from the interior or exterior of the home. It will go undetected for years. Another problem area is around doors and windows. Chinking around doors and windows is an absolute must. Additionally, all the gaps in a log structure are a natural nesting area for a multitude of insects. Quality chinking, when installed by skilled craftsman, is a long lasting product and if necessary, can be repaired easily.

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