"I am writing this unsolicited letter to commend and recommend W. Loring Woods III and the Log Home Restoration Worldwide LLC for the splendid work they performed on our log home in Norwich, Vermont. Our 30 year old home had suffered serious deterioration on its outer surface, had a crumbling deck on one end and was chronically wet in the basement. All of these were corrected by the work of Loring and his associates. The logs were restored to a pristine state and gaps between them chinked (saving us energy costs). Drainage placed around the perimeter of the house has given us a dry basement for the first time ever, even in the face of the unprecedented wet weather in October, 2005! He is now completing a new deck and it is obvious to all that the quality of the construction and attention to detail far exceeds that of other builders we are familiar with. In addition to the quality of the work, his team has been reliable, friendly, flexible and very hard-working. They are also "good communicators", keeping us abreast of progress, problems and possible changes in plans. They have kept to budget and the cost estimates they had given us were entirely reasonable for the scope and quality of the work. I would highly recommend to anyone both for log home restoration, as well as other projects realted to home maintenance. I am happy to speak with anyone who is contemplating contracting with them for work." Lee A. Witters MD, Dartmouth Medical School, November 2005.

"I can't believe how much better my home looks! I wasn't entirely convinced that chinking the exterior would make such a difference, but the house is much tighter and draft free. And I no longer worry about the wind driven rains we get in this part of New England. The place looks great, too."

"We are extremely pleased with the work you have done to restore our log home. What we once thought and were told was impossible, but you restored our house to better that new. It certainly looks like it will weather better and withstand the bug infestation better than when it was new. "

"We appreciate the extra effort and extra work it took to fix it. Again we cannot begin to tell you how pleased we are with the job you have done. We have certainly benefited from all your effort and talent in log restoration."

"Wow! Thank you so-o-o-o much for making the cabin as good as new! You guys are miraculous!"

"Thank you so much for the marvelous job you and your family did on our cabin! I will recommend you to anybody you'd like."

"Thanks again for all your great work! I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and trust. We are so excited to see the transformation of our home through your restoration work."

"The knowledge you have gained and are willing to share is most gratefully accepted . . . .Your references and work speak for themselves. . . . your information was most revealing and accurate."

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