Loring has over forty years of construction experience with several in the log home business. The other members of Log Home Restoration Worldwide, LLC have nearly 60 years of combined professional construction expertise. Our teams are extremely talented and the most courteous professionals in the log home industry.

With all this talent and experience, our team has evolved the log home restoration process into an efficient and cohesive system. Our processes and procedures along with the application of the highest quality products available have been time tested. The result is the longest lasting and best protection you can get for your log home or building. Loring personally oversees each project, and guarantees complete customer satisfaction.

We Perform restorations, beautification, and preventative maintenance on all log structures no matter the wood type.


• New/modern log homes and structures

• Custom built log homes and business’s

• Kit log homes

• Historic log homes/structures

• Cedar and shingle sided homes and buildings

• Post & beam construction

Corn Cob blaster - similar to a sand blaster, but harms the surface of the wood. Do not use and READ THIS WARNING!!!

Power Washers - adjustable pressures and nozzles for the proper cleaning system

Applicators - for applying sealers, insect products, strippers, neutralizers and chinking.

Power tools - drilling, grinding, electric and gas saws, jacks, generators and water pumps.

Hand tools - for bark peeling, hammers, chisels, levels, etc.

Scaffolding Systems - Staging and ladders to work safely in high or hard to get places.

Log replacement equipment

Strippers -removes old paint and sealers.

Cleaners - cleans logs of dirt, mold, mildew, ultraviolet damage, graying and stains.

Neutralizers -restores the pH level of the wood and allows the natural color to come back. Also prevents the wood from rejecting the sealers a year and a half later.

Sealers - waterproofs, protect from ultraviolet damage and allows the beauty of the wood to show through.

Chinking - Seals all exterior and interior logs and around doors and windows to prevent water, air (drafts) and insect infiltration.

Logs - We supply seasoned (dried) logs to fit into various kit log homes and custom log homes. We are experienced in cutting and shaping logs for custom replacement and historical log homes. We have dealt with many types of wood used in log home construction.

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